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For any rough usage situations, you should use Industrial Weighing Systems. These products will last for many years in rugged environments in the Caribbean region. They include floor scales, crane scales, rail weighing systems, bench scales and counting scales.

Floor Scales for Industrial Weighing

RoughDeck floor scales are the strongest, most accurate floor scales available for industrial weighing. They minimize deck deflection with their superior structural design, ensuring repeatable accuracy. RoughDeck floor scales are made to custom sizes, shapes or capacities to meet your unique needs. RoughDeck floor scales are built for any task from basic shipping and receiving to highly corrosive environments. Because they are engineered for ultimate performance and endurance, Rice Lake floor scales carry the durable reputation and strength of the RoughDeck name.

Roughdeck floor scales come in many sizes and capacities
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Crane Scales

You can choose from many different crane scales for industrial weighing . These are available with different options, from 1″ high to 2″ LED or LCD display, simple remote control or full hand-held digital display.

  • Mounts on crane hook.
  • Free swivel or powered lower hook.
  • NTEP accuracy and approval.
  • Marine or industrial use.
  • Intrinsically safe version for hazardous areas.
  • Capacities from 250 lb to 50 ton.
  • Wireless rechargeable load cells also available with remote displays and controls.
MSI Challenger Crane Scale
MSI Challenger Crane Scale with 1.5″ display

Rail Weighing Systems

Railboss is a section of track with bolt-on sensors on both tracks. Easy to install, you must first make a 5ft 10″ cutout in the existing track for installation. It uses the Rice-Lake 482 Legend Series industrial weighing indicator and weighs two axles at a time. Alternatively, a Survivor platform scale weighs on a car-by-car basis.

Railboss details:

  • 80,000 lb axle capacity
  • 320,000 lb full scale capacity
  • 40,000 lb rail section capacity
  • 90 RA, 100 ARA-A, 115 RE, 132 RE, 133 RE or 136 RE rail sections
  • 5 ft 10 in rail sections, pre-drilled for joint bars
  • Quick-disconnect cable connection with MS style connector
Rice Lake’s non-Legal for Trade RailBoss rail scale

Bench & Counting Scales

For industrial weighing, we have bench scales to suit every need. All capacities, weigh only or parts counting, for your inventory. Attach a label or other printer. Let us know what you need and we will advise on the best scale for your application. Our staff are always available and our advice is always free!

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