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Livestock Scales weigh either multiple or single animals. They include movable and mobile multiple/ single animal scales, farm bars and livestock scale displays. Because it is hard to keep an animal still, the weight indicators average the weight over a period of time. They display this weight at the end of the time period.

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Mobile and Fixed Livestock Scales for Larger Animals

Rice Lake has customized some of their most durable products for the specific needs of the farming and ranching industries. Their livestock scales are perfectly suited for the hardest jobs around.

Quickly calculate the savings and return on your livestock scale investment with Rice Lake’s Livestock Shrink Calculator

Rice Lake’s patented mobile animal scale design has a low-profile weighing platform to enable faster and easier multi-site livestock weighing. The MAS-LC provides reliable, accurate weighing for people who prefer a load cell based weighing system.

Rice Lake’s SLV single animal scale offers the features of a RoughDeck® floor scale modified to meet the demands of livestock weighing.

Rice Lake’s heavy-duty farm bars can be mounted under most cattle squeeze chutes, hog crates, feed hoppers and custom platforms.

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Rice Lake portable animal scales and mobile animal scales are used to check animal growth rate and in auctions
Rice Lake portable single animal scale
Rice Lake Farm Bar scale allows users to build or attach them to their own container, supported by the bars.  They are used for single or multiple animals
Farm Bar Scales are the ideal way to mount cattle squeeze chutes, hog crates and feed hoppers

Scales for Small Animals

Accuracy is critical when weighing small and pet animals. Monitoring weight allows vets to provide correct medication doses and ensure animals are growing properly. Rice Lake’s pet animal scales are compact, easy to move and easy to use. Designed with pets in mind, our low-profile animal scales are comfortable for animals to walk, sit or lie on. Additionally, Rice Lake provides scales in custom sizes to meet the needs of any veterinary clinic.

Rice Lake VS 10 digital scale
Rice Lake VS 31 dual ramp animal scale
Rice Lake VS 31 dual ramp scale

Scale Instrumentation

Rice Lake’s livestock scale indicators include Legal For Trade displays for auction use. In addition, it also includes a single animal Rate of Gain display. The Livestock Weigh Center at right has a 920i indicator and ticket printer in a rain proof case.

The 920i® Livestock Scale Indicator includes group weighing and single animal Rate of Gain display. In addition, the USB port allows animal weight results to be transferred to a flash drive and transferred to a PC computer.

Rice Lake’s 12-24 VAC 482-AG livestock digital weight display is the ideal Legal for Trade display for the ranch or farm.

Livestock Weigh Center features a built-in 920i indicator and ticket printer in a weatherproof enclosure
Rice Lake 920i indicator with multiple animal software and printer in weatherproof cabinet