Load Cell Weighing Systems

As Weighing Specialists, CCG Weighing has the knowledge to build advanced load cell weighing systems for many different industrial applications. Whether your need is food or concrete batching control by weight, tank and silo weighing systems or bin filling, CCG can help.

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Concrete Batching Controls

Scale-Tron in Canada manufactures controls for ready-mix and precast concrete plants. Scale-Tron’s BatchTron series control systems, plus their BatchLink ready-mix dispatching software are ideal for controlling single ready-mix and precast batch plants. As a result, you can have confidence in many years of breakdown-free operation.

  • Automatic self-tuning keeps your plant at peak trim all the time, so you will eliminate batch weight errors.
  • Works with AquaSense moisture sensors to correct your sand and water weights.
  • Can be remote-controlled by WiFi enabled tablet or smartphone.
  • Scale displays are all on the touch screen, making it even more reliable as a result.
  • No fans, consequently no inlet for fine dust.
  • Pre-programmed to fit many plants. Whether yours is a dry plant or premix plant with mixer.  The number of aggregates, cements, waters and admixtures determine the expansion required and the cost.  Don’t pay for what you don’t need.
  • Upgrade your batch controller at any time. You just add an expansion unit, giving you instant upgrade to more ingredients and more features.
  • STI (Service and Training by Internet), online help.
Automated weighing for ready-mix concrete plant
Ready-mix Concrete Plant Automation

A quick note to let you know how happy we are with BatchTron-II; it’s fast, easy to use and can be customized for specific needs” says Aaron Wilson, Southern Precast, Alachua, FL.

Load Cell Weighing

Load cells can be used to weigh any structure, no matter how big or small. The agricultural silos at right were mounted on load cells to monitor the amount of feed eaten by animals each day. CCG Weighing can help design tank and silo weighing systems like this. For example, using load cell mounting assemblies to mount silos, tanks and hoppers. Lastly, we use weight indicators or control systems to measure weight and control the process.

  • Choice of load cells or load cell assemblies such as tank mounts
  • Choice of weight indicators – simple or smart, with program for different functions
  • Full numeric keypad or simple ‘tare’ operation
  • Serial ports for printers or PC computer
  • Ethernet TCP/IP or USB when needed
  • Digital I/O when needed
  • Remote access by Internet when needed

CCG’s Territory is the Whole Caribbean:

  • Puerto Rico
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  • All the Islands of the Caribbean
Agricultural silos are mounted on load cells to measure the weight loss
Agricultural Silos mounted on Load Cells

We monitored and found that SiloWeigh works extremely well in all our silos and is the most effective inventory management system.  We have no hesitation in recommending it for anyone wanting a precise inventory figure at any time” says Salman H. Said, Synaxis Readymix, Dubai.