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There are three versions of SiloWeigh for silo inventory, depending mostly on how many silos you have:

Scale-Tron SiloWeigh IIoT

SiloWeigh IIoT replaces SiloWeigh.Net as a totally new system for silo weighing. It is a system for Silo, tank and feed bin inventory with Internet access. Better than silo level measurement, all models of SiloWeigh measure the actual weight of the vessel and contents to give a true picture of the amount on hand.  Above all, it costs less than a set of high-end level sensors. You can use SiloWeigh IIoT for up to 32 vessels per location, where both local and /or Internet-based remote access is required.  You can view it on any web browser, including smartphones. As a result, you can reorder material when it is necessary.


  • Never run out of material again – Visual warning at Reorder and Low levels, plus audible warning if you need it, to prevent loss of production and missed deliveries.
  • Eliminate the risk of overfilling – Blown filters and the ensuing environmental hazards are a thing of the past.
  • Identify and stop delivery shortages – Ability to check every delivery, even weeks ago, against the delivery ticket.  As a result, you are in command of the situation.
  • SiloWeigh’s L-Strain sensors are temperature compensated.  Typical accuracy ±1 to 2% of full scale. Skirted silos – expect ±5% of full scale.
  • Mount the legs on Load Cells for higher accuracy (0.1%).
  • All-weather. Sensors, wiring and junction boxes meet NEMA-4, IP66.
  • No moving parts, resulting in long life and reliability.
  • History trend graphs for any silo/tank/vessel in the company.
  • In-plant hard wired programmable alarms and Email alerts.
  • Weather filter eliminates the large errors present in competitive systems.
  • Combine solids silos and liquid tanks/vessels by use of pressure or liquid level sensors.
  • Single cable or digital radio gathers data from storage vessels.
  • The only vessel inventory system (along with Siloweigh II Pro) that handles unequal divided silos and stacked silos.
  • Connect all 4 sensors separately.  Diagnostic display pinpoints a bad sensor and bypasses it until a replacement can be fitted.
SiloWeigh.Net silo inventory system is an Internet-based silo weighing system
SiloWeigh.Net Silo Inventory System

It is accurate to 1 to 2%.  Very nice system, works well.” says Sam Santos of ABC Group (injection molded parts). August 2019

This plant is the only one across Canada that has never run out of material or had a silo spill since SiloWeigh.Net was installed in 2015” says Barry Metzner, manager, Lafarge-Holcim, Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada area, July 2018

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Scale-Tron SiloWeigh II Pro

SiloWeigh II Pro uses a touch screen for display, with capacity of up to 6 vessels, compared with SiloWeigh IIoT which has capacity for 32 vessels. Similarly, it has the same powerful weather filter and uses the same sensors, digital junction boxes and single cable or radio connection to the display unit. On the other hand, it does not have Internet access or display.


  • Never run out of material again and eliminate the risk of overfilling – Same visual display and alarms as SiloWeigh IIoT.
  • Identify and stop delivery shortages – Ability to check every delivery, in the same vein as SiloWeigh IIoT.
  • Better than silo level measurement.
  • History trend graphs for all silo/tank/vessels.
  • Hard wired programmable alarms.
  • Combine solids silos and liquid tanks/vessels. For example by use of pressure or liquid level sensors.
  • Handles unequal divided silos and stacked silos.

No complaints at this point.  The system is working great and has helped us identify some significant gaps between what we should be receiving and what we actually did receive”  says Chris Allensworth, Nestle, Jonesboro, NC. Nov 2018

Best service in the business” says Greg Roache of Gainey’s Concrete Products. May 2017

SiloWeigh II Pro silo inventory system handles up to 6 silos. It is better than silo level measurement
SiloWeigh II Pro silo inventory system handles up to 6 silos

Scale-Tron SiloWeigh Basic for silo inventory

For low cost vessel and silo weight display, without need for a weather filter. Designed for use on silos and bins where a very basic silo weight display is adequate. SiloWeigh Basic uses L-Strain or Silex sensors with a simple weight indicator. Consequently it shows the current weight of the vessel contents, without all the extra features. Note that a weather filter is strongly recommended and for this reason, the models above are preferred.


  • Large, easy to read 0.6 inch green LED display.
  • Serial RS232 bidirectional communication.
  • Powers four L-Strain sensors or load cells.  Not applicable to level or liquid sensors.
  • Uses the same sensor kits as SiloWeigh II Pro and
Rice Lake model 1280 weight indicator
SiloWeigh Basic weight indicator
SiloWeigh L-Strain sensor
SiloWeigh L-Strain sensor

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